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Mission Statement

At Grab n Go, our mission is to bring modern and affordable convenience retailing to the mass market in Africa. We strive to become an essential part of our customers’ lives, by providing them with what they need, when they need it.


Our vision is to become a driving force in the modernisation of Africa’s informal retail segment, by offering our customers a modern neighbourhood shopping experience that can be seen as an evolution of the ubiquitous Duka format. Grab n Go should become the household name in Africa with regards to convenient and affordable day to day shopping. 

fast and convenient shopping experience 

Long opening hours
to cater customers increasingly hectic and dynamic lifestyles

Value for money
quality products in a convenient format at competitive pricing

Focus on clients
unmatched customer service, meeting all the clients demands and exceeding expecations

Holistic product mix
focus on daily household needs with a good selection of ready to eat meals, ensuring a one-stop solution for daily shopping needs

Social responsibility
close link to local community and endorsement of social projects and activities in the community


Hellen Solomon

General Manager